Frequently Asked Questions:

We are collecting our customers frequently asked questions. Bellow find the top asking questions from our customers.


  • Who is Souvnir?
    Worldwide premium souvenir collections shop online. With us, quality is the priority.
  • Why did Souvnir born?
    To create a premium souvenirs market place where anyone can get worldwide souvenir items.
  • What kind of products available with us?
    We have high-quality premium souvenirs from the top tourist cities or countries.
  • What is the uniqueness with Souvnir?
    Souvnir is the only & one souvenir shop online where possible to buy worldwide souvenir items. Plus we are the largest worldwide souvenir shop online.
  • Is ordering online secure with Souvnir?
    Yes. We take 100% care of your personal information that you provide us when placing an order on our website. Our secure highly protected SSL system protects during the encryption process. Our website is fully HTTPS which is 100% secure guaranteed.


  • How's your product quality?
    Our products are of high quality maintained, so we can guaranty for it.
  • Where is the Product originally made from?
    Our product is originally made from USA, Canada, China, Austria & France.
  • How Souvnir maintains products quality?
    Our souvenirs product are high quality maintained at all time with American Standards.


  • How do I place my order?
    Once you have finished adding items to your shopping cart just move your cursor to the lower-right corner of the screen and click on the “Checkout” button. You will then be transferred to our secure server and asked to either create a new account or place an order without an account.

  • How do I remove items from my cart?
    First, please click on the “View Cart” link in the upper-right corner of your computer screen. This will allow you to view all items currently in your cart. Once you have identified the item that you would like to delete, click on the “Remove” or allow your cart to remove fewer items with (-) button or add more with the (+) button. 



  • Is your shipping really free?
    Yes of course 100% Free worldwide shipping to any country.
  • How long will it take to receive my items?
    Normally our standard international economy shipping takes about 15-20 working days to any country. 
  • Do you have more quick shipping?
    Yes, we do have. For quick shipping just contact us before your order, we will arrange it for you for sure. 





More FAQ is coming soon...